Nicotinell 4mg Fruit Gum

Nicotinell 4mg Fruit Gum

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Helps to reduce cravings and side effects when trying to quit smoking.



Medicated chewing gum containing nicotine to help you stop smoking. Can help ease nicotine withdrawal symptoms. This extra strength coated gum is suitable for smokers of more than 30 cigarettes a day. Smokers of between 20 and 30 cigarettes a day can choose either the 2mg or 4mg Nicotinell gum. Smokers of less than 20 should choose the 2mg version. Sugar free and fruit flavoured. Pack contains 24 pieces.

Type of Product
Chewing Gum

Each piece of medicated chewing-gum contains: 4 mg nicotine (as 10 mg nicotine polacrilin (1:4)).

One piece of medicated chewing-gum should be chewed until the taste becomes strong. The gum should be rested between the gum and cheek. When the taste fades, chewing should commence again. The chewing routine should be repeated for 30 minutes.

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