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Colief Infant Drops
  • Colief Infant Drops

Colief Infant Drops

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For the treatment of colic


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Colief Infant Drops are a natural approach to infant colic. Rather than attempting to treat the symptoms of colic, Colief allows babies with Transient Lactase Deficiency to enjoy their normal feed whilst greatly reducing the digestive discomfort associated with colic.Colief Infant Drops contain the naturally-occurring enzyme lactase. When added to the babies usual milk, Colief breaks down most of the lactose and makes the feed more easily digestible.


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Breastfeeding using Infant Colic Drops - Express a few tablespoons of breast milk into a small sterilised container and add 4 drops. Give this to your baby and carry on breastfeeding as normal. Using Colief Infant Drops with Infant Formula - Prepare the formula as per instructions. Add 4 drops to warm milk and after 30 minutes feed your baby.

Glycerol, Water and Lactase Enzyme