Microlax Rectal Solution

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For the treatment of constipation.



Mircolax provides a fast, predictable relief from constipation within 30 minutes. Mircolax is a fast acting mirco-enema which works to soften bowel motions and gently assist bowel emptying without irritating the lining of the bowel. Mircolax is easy to use for children.

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Each Mircolax tube contains sodium citrate 450mg, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate 45mg and sorbitoal 3.125g. Also contains glycerol, sorbic acid and purified water.

Adults and children: Insert the nozzle fully into the rectum. Squeeze out the contents fully by squeezing the shoulder of the tube. Keeping the tube squeezed tightly withdraw the nozzle. Administer the contents of one tube rectally as a single dose.

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