Marimer Hypertonic

Marimer Hypertonic

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Marimar Hypertonic is recommended for children and adults for the cleansing and the decongestioning of the nasal airways, in particular in case of cold, sinusitis and postoperative care.
Marimar Hypertonic is a hypertonical sterile and micro-diffused sea water solution, Naturally rich in mineral salts and marine trace elements. Marimer Hypertonic is recommended for the cleansing of the nasal airways, for the decongestion of the blocked nose, in complement to the treatment of ENT disorders.
Type of Product
Nasal Spray

100% diluted sea water sterile and hypertonic, equivalent of 22g/L of salts

Tilt the head to the side. Put gently the nozzle in the upper nostril and pulverise the solution. Reapeat with the other nostril. Straighten your head in order to let the mucosities drag down, then wipe the excess or blow nose

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