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Relactagel is a lactic acid gel that is clinically proven to treat and prevent bacterial Vaginosis (BV). Giving relief from abnormal vaginal odour and discharge associated with BV.
Relactagel provides relief from embarrassing vaginal odour. Relieves abnormal discharge. Restores the natural pH of the vagina. Can be used to prevent BV as well as treating it. Hygienic single use applicators are used to apply the gel where it is needed.
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Lactic acid, glycogen, propylene glycol, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, sodium hydroxide, water

For treatment: Use 1 single tube daily for 7 days at bedtime. For prevention: Use 1 single tube daily for 2-3 days at bedtime after menstruation. Instructions for use: Break and remove the cap and inset the entire neck of the tube into the vagina. Squeeze out the contents, maintaining constant pressure while withdrawing the tube. Relactagel should be used at bedtime when lying down, to minimise potential leakage. In the event of leakage, a panty liner may be useful. Once opened, use immediately. Do not use any tubes that may have been damaged or are leaking.

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