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Nicorette 15mg Invisi Patch
  • Nicorette 15mg Invisi Patch

Nicorette 15mg Invisi Patch

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Helps to reduce cravings and side effects when trying to quit smoking.

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Nicorette Invisible Patches are an aid to help smokers give up cigarettes. This Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) helps to relieve withdrawal symptoms and cravings associated with stopping in intake of nicotine. The 15mg patch works over a 16-hour period to help smokers of less than 20 cigarettes a day. Nicorette patches release nicotine slowly through the skin.

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Apply one new patch to the skin when you wake up. Remove 16 hours later which is usually at bed time. Do this for the first 8 weeks. Then apply one new 10mg Invisi Patch to the skin when you wake. Do this for the next 4 weeks.

Each patch is 13.5cm2, containing 1.75mg nicotine/cm3 .