Mycosan Athlete's Foot

Mycosan Athlete's Foot

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Mycosan Athlete's Foot treatment has a double angled brush to give a hygienic targeted application. This helps prevent spreading of the fungi causing athlete's foot from spreading to other parts of the body.


Mycosan Athlete’s Foot Treatment treats fungus infections of the skin on the feet.

Mycosan treatment clears the symptoms of athlete’s foot such as itching, cracking, burning redness, bad odour and flaking.

Mycosan Athlete’s Foot Treatment improves the appearance of the skin also giving a cooling affect helping to soothe any burning and itching.

Mycosan Athlete’s foot treatment has a dual effect. Using the touch free applicator it penetrates the skin, balancing the skin’s natural pH. This helps to protect and regenerate the skin. It’s targeted action rapidly stops the development of the fungus that’s responsible for causing the itching and burning sensation.

This treatment is safe to use by adults and children aged 4 and up. This treatment can also be used by diabetics.

Kills 99.9% of fungi causing athlete’s foot.

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