Renu MPS sensitive eyes

Renu MPS sensitive eyes

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For cleaning contact lens.
Its formula has been proven to combat harmful germs, protein and film on the lens surface, leaving it clean and hygienic for wear. Developed with sensitive eyes in mind, manufacturers Bausch and Lomb say this solution is as gentle as the eye’s natural tears. It also works during wear to keep both your eyes and your contact lenses feeling fresh and comfortable all day long.
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Contains poloxamine, poloxamer 181, diglycine, sodium citrate, boric acid, sodium borate, edetate disodium, and sodium chloride and preserved with a triple disinfectant system (polyaminopropyl biguanide 0.00005%, polyquaternium 0.00015% and alexidine 0.0002%).

Place at least 3 drops of solution on each side of contact lens and rub for 20 seconds. Remove surface debris by rinsing thoroughly with solution. Place cleaned contacts in lens case and fill with fresh solution. Soak for at least four hours. Remember to always use fresh solution.

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