5 Christmas Gift Ideas you can't go wrong with!

Christmas shopping can be hectic enough, but at the moment in our current environment, going out to do your shopping may not be possible because of the lockdown and when (or if) the lockdown should finish in December it may be quite busy on the streets and shops may have long delays before entering to keep social distancing guidelines in place. Drinagh Pharmacy have decided to move all their beauty, skincare and gift ideas online to make it easier for you to do all your shopping, now and in the future.

We're still in the process of getting all our gift sets up online, however, we have a lot of products to choose from already! To cut down the time for you, we have selected 5 beauty Christmas gift ideas that will be a WIN for the person you give them to, whether it be for a Kris Kindle, stocking filler or just a small thank you gift! See our top 5 below:

Number 1 -Blank Canvas Large Powder Brush F34

Blank Canvas cosmetics are the go to brand for any make up brush applicators from eyeshadow applicators, to brow brushes, contour brushes and more.

This brand is very popular and has a great reputation.  A great gift for a stocking filler or Kris Kindle is the Blank Canvas Large Powder Brush F34 - every woman of every age uses a large powder brush! 

What you need to know about the brush:

" Handmade from extra soft, high quality anti-bacterial, easy to clean synthetic fibres, this brush is also vegan friendly. What it looks like: This brush is made from fluffy, high quality fibres, a sleek rose gold ferrule and black handle. What its for: The F34's large, fluffy, round shaped fibres make it the perfect tool for applying bronzer or powder to large areas. This brush is best used with powder products."

Number 2 - Aimee Connolly's Beauty BASE Primer

Sculptured by Aimee Connolly Beaty Base Primer has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 star rating on Google reviews.

Basically that means its pretty good! Reading through the comments in the reviews we note many referring to its moisturising abilities and the glow it provides on your skin making it a perfect option to give a natural glow without adding make up - or to assist evenly distributing foundation over the face without any nasty clumps.  

Another fantastic gift to women of all ages as all women use primer under their make up.  The big beauty about this primer though is its SPF30, which allows you to use a preferred foundation that may not have sun protection.

Number 3 - Maybelline Nudes Palette as loved by Make up Artist Gill McCann

STAR BUY - This products is 20% OFF Until December! Use Code: Gill20 to get 20% OFF

Gill McCan is currently working with Drinagh Pharmacy to demonstrate how great Maybelline products are.

We put up her videos each week on our Instagram and Facebook pages - feel free to check them out.


Our special promotion at the moment is if you purchase any online Maybelline products from Drinagh pharmacy you will get 20% OFF and be entered into the draw for a fab Maybelline hamper!  

Number 4 - Sosu Dripping Gold, face mist and brush for the perfect Glow through winter!

Drinagh Pharmacy now have a large range of SOSU products online.

Anything from tanning essentials, make up accessories like the pro make up sponge, and gift sets like the SOSU Lash Bible and Eye Voltage sets.

All fantastic ideas for a Christmas gift to that someone special in your life that loves to apply fake tan, and use the SOSU eyelash and eyeliner range will absolutely love you for this gift!

sosu tanning products

Luna by Lisa Heros is a fantasic gift set that has everything you need it to have to get the most glamourous eyes and lush lips!

Product Information:

"The best selling lips & lashes products combined with exciting new mascara and liquid eyeliner. This kit combines 2 pairs of lashes, mascara, liquid liner, lipstick, lip pencil, literally everything you need for a festive night out!"

A Fab Christmas gift idea!

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