Beautiful skin starts with you!

The sun is out – it’s a great feeling!

After everything we have been through together with Covid-19, and still going through its so nice to have amazing weather!

The sun does affect the skin negatively though. In fact in 2018 a study found Ireland to be the 14th most susceptible to skin cancer (Irishtimes, 2018). Ireland has 859 melanoma-related diseases per year, which Prof Dietrick Abeck, Chief Medica Adviser at Derma Plus advises this has increased dramatically from previous years.

It’s great to get a tan – but be smart, do it gradually over a few weeks using sunscreen and after sun moisturisers, face cream with good UV protection.

With this in mind, we have some great products and a ‘doable’ skin care routine for everyone.

STEP 1 – Protect your FACE!

Morning – Before you go out make sure you have a spf30 + face moisturiser. For shoulders, arms and legs we would also recommend a cream with UV protection. Depending on your skin type this could differ. Try Vichy Slow Age Daily FACE Cream SPF30 which helps prevent signs of aging like wrinkles, loss of firmness and aging spots.

STEP 2 – Protect your BODY!

To moisturise and protect body skin we recommend a very popular product that is ranked high in reviews for Vichy products – the VICHY Idéal Soleil Sun-Milk For Face And Body SPF 30 300ml. If your skin is especially sensitive we recommend you use the La Roche Posay Anthel Shake Tint spf50+ easy apply head to toe skin protection suitable for the whole family. You can purchase this online for just €19.50 (plus postage) – just CLICK HERE.Top of Form


Ok – so that’s your face and body sorted right? Not so fast… Due to the risk of Covid-19 and our new culture of having impeccable hygiene we must continue to wash our hands throughout the day or take hand gel around with us. Drinagh Pharmacy are proud to stock an Irish Made hand sanitizer called Sanity Hand Sanitiser Gel. This is a quick drying hand gel. But like all hand gels that are effective against viruses like Covid-19 they need a high potency of alcohol, which drys your skin.

To combat this we have a few different products that work really well:

1. BEST SELLER - La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Soothing Hand Cream 50ml - €8.95 (plus postage) CLICK HERE.

2. Aveeno Daily Moisturising Hand Cream - €5.50 (plus postage) Click here to purchase.

3. Emulsifying Ointment, which can be used as an emollient for the symptomatic relief of dry skin conditions and as a soap-substitute for skin washing. It is a bit to big for a small handbag but it will definitely fit in an average size bag and is very handy to rub thoroughly through your hands and rinse with water. €5.75 (plus postage). Click HERE to purchase.

Now you have a basic and easy daily skin care routine that will keep your skin protected, feeling soft and smooth all the time – and keep your hands clean and moisturised throughout the day.


At the end of the day – you might want to try using an anti-aging face cream that works wonders overnight.

For this we recommend cleansing your skin first.

STEP 4 – Cleansing your skin!

There are so many good cleansers that can be used from: Clarins, Vichy, La Roche Posay, Sanctuary and so on, however we get great feedback from our La Roche-Posay Toleriane Dermo- Cleanser Sensitive Skin 400ml product. At €22.95 (plus postage) it’s a great buy!

It’s a wipe-off milk to gently cleanse sensitive, intolerant or even allergy-prone skin, for every day, so its perfect this time of year when many of us are suffering allergies, slight redness in our face, spots etc… You may not realise why your face has a slight change in complexion during spring and summer – but it is entirely possible it’s from allergies and a great cleanser made for this is the perfect solution. You can purchase the La Roche Posay Toleriane Dermo Cleanser HERE.

If you do get skin redness and you need a slight tint moisturiser to use day or night to correct flaws that is completely natural looking you really should try the La Roche-Posay Rosaliac CC Crème.

This Helps cover the appearance of redness and correct colour flaws. Tested under clinical control. Specifically formulated for sensitive skin. No parabens. No fragrance. 100% hypoallergenic skincare. Non-comedogenic. High concentration of selected ingredients with thermal spring water. Minimal ingredients and fragrance. Tested on sensitive skin. You can purchase this online by clicking HERE.

STEP 5 – Night CREAM!

After giving your face a good cleanse you need an effective night cream that softens your skin and works its anti aging magic through the night. There are some good products around, and if you’re a Clarins fan, contact Drinagh Pharmacy Skibbereen and order your Clarins skin care range for delivery by phoning them on this number: (028) 23333
However, to order online we recommend:
Vichy LiftActiv Supreme Night Cream
which is a powerful and proven anti-wrinkle care for the night that corrects the signs of aging, visibly reducing wrinkles and loss of firmness, from the 1st day. You will feel the difference immediately!

Size 50 ml €39 (plus postage) To purchase CLICK HERE

To summarise if you take these steps, using ‘good’ products and brands like the ones we have mentioned that have proven results and have oodles of fantastic reviews on Google then your skin will not only be protected but will look fabulous!

Stay tuned for our next blog – Keeping your hair and skin glam through summer!

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