This year you may have noticed going to your favourite parks that you have been absolutely covered in midges? A new study sited on BBC claims that there is indeed an increase of insects like midges and mayflies by 1.08% worldwide, however, some areas are experiencing a higher increase than others. Midges particularly love water, long grass and trees and they are part of the insect group that is found around water.

While Ireland has been spared cockroaches, large mosquitoes and other worrying insects, the midges can pose a problem and huge disruption to your vacation plans, day out in the park plans, picnic plans with the family and so on.

So what is a midge? According to Wicklow Moutains National Park:

"Midges are tiny biting flies that are active from mid-May to September particularly when it is calm and overcast. They are a significant annoyance to people exploring the hills and to the animals that live there. There is no known disease transmission from midges to people in Ireland."

Midges are from the mosquito family and like the mosquito the midge is after your blood!

Yes, maybe not as evil and scary as having Dracula himself perusing you for a quick drink, but non the less a nuisance .. midges bite just like the mosquitos! But lucky for us, they do not carry any type of serious disease.


A good way to manage the midge problem is to use insect repellant. Spraying your skin and clothes with repellant will prevent you from being covered with midges when taking your evening walks in your local park. Drinagh Pharmacy stock a really good option for insect repellants called Jungle Formula Meduim Spray with 20% DEET. This spray is particularly effective in minimizing the risk of being bitten by a midge, mosquito or similar.

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Other Insect repellants that you can purchase from Dringah Pharmacy include:

  • The Jungle Outdoor Insect repellant. This spray is to reduce the possibility of being bitten by a wasp or a bee. You can order this product by clicking HERE.
  • Jungle Formula Maximum Aerosol with 50% DEET and plant extracts for controlled application of long-lasting maximum protection. You can order HERE.

WHY IS DEET so important?

DEET is designed for direct application to your skin to repel insects rather than killing them. DEET works by making it hard for biting bugs to smell us. It was developed by the US Army in 1946.

A 2002 New England Journal of Medicine study concluded that the chemical N,N-diethyl-m-toluamide more commonly known as DEET is among the most effective ways to prevent bug bites from a range of insects including, ticks, midges, mosquitos, wasps and similar.

Insect repellants with DEET are not only the most effective to prevent bites, but they don't kill insects - they just prevent them from sniffing out our blood!

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