Hay fever affects around 30% of the world’s population. It affects us through symptoms such as:

1. Stuffy or runny nose

2. Itchy skin & eyes

3. Watering eyes

4. Sneezing

In severe cases of hay fever our immune system can break down and a sufferer may have swelling or discolouring of the skin, headaches and if you have other conditions such as asthma a bad dose of hay fever could be fatal.

June 21st 2019 The ashma society of Ireland issued a warning to asthma and hay fever sufferers over fatal attacks from the rising pollen count brought on by the warmer weather. (www.irishtimes.com June 2019)

“The ASI is now running a “pollen tracker” which on Friday 21st of June showed high levels in the Leinster region but moderate status everywhere else.

It warns that with the arrival of peak grass pollen season, a high risk is expected during dry sunny days.

The ASI warning comes after indications of an impending European heat wave nicknamed the Saharan Outbreak.”

How can we treat Hay fever?

The pollen released by plants, trees and grasses during spring and summer time can trigger an allergic reaction in hay fever sufferers, And while we can't lock ourselves in a darkened, airtight room until the end of August, armed with the right information, there are some things you can do to make the hay fever season more bearable!

Hay fever facts

The best way to control most allergies is to avoid the trigger substance. However, it is very difficult to avoid pollen, particularly during the summer months when you want to spend more time outdoors.

A range of products is available to treat the symptoms of hay fever. Some may be prescribed by your GP, but others are available over-the-counter (OTC) in most pharmacies.

Some products that are used to treat the symptoms of hay fever are:

· Antihistamines

· Nasal sprays

· Eye drops

· Anti allergy creams

Hay Fever over the counter (OTC) treatments

Drinagh Pharmacies offer a range of hay fever medicines which are available online.

Zirtek or Cetrine contain the active ingredient Cetirizine which is an antihistamine which helps relive allery symptoms such as sneezing, running nose & watery eyes. Suitable for 12 years and over.

Need allergy treatments for children under 12 and don’t know which ones to get? Ask our pharmacist by clicking ‘HERE’.

Brand treatments


Prevalin Allergy Plus


Prevalin Allergy Plus Adult Nasal Spray

€14.95 incl delivery

Looking for more types of hay fever medicines? Click ‘HERE’ to see Drinagh Pharmacies full range of products!




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